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About Us

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam is a Traditional School of Tantra and Applied Yogic Science registered and established in the beautiful capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. We are a group of individuals who aim to express the wisdom and experience of Tantra and Yoga in its pure form, applicable according to the needs and limitations of an individual irrespective of caste, creed, cult, religion, nationality and what so ever.

The term “Sanatana” means continuity and eternity and  “Sandesh” means message. Therefore, Tantra and Yoga at Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam is, as it was and as it shall ever be with purity, unity and integrity. At our school, we offer Yoga Classes, Yoga Workshop, Yoga Retreat, Yoga Teacher Training. All our Yoga Programmes are very reliable and we do it more as a part of service with dedication. We welcome each one of you at our school to work and practice together which can be practically helpful in our daily life.

Classes & Courses

Yoga Class

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam welcomes everyone to our “Yoga Class” which we offer every week. We organise from morning till evening, different Yoga, Meditation sessions, Lectures on essential topics of Tantra and Yoga, Kirtan (Devotional Chanting), Holy rituals and so on. We do also special classes like Full Moon Meditation and private sessions if so requested.  

Yoga Workshop

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam welcomes noble requests to our special service “Yoga Workshop”. We conduct various workshops like: Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga at Prison, Yoga at Hospitals, Yoga for Clubs, Yoga for Communities, Yoga for School children, Yoga for College and University students and teachers and so on. Please reach out to us for what you require.

Yoga Retreat

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam welcomes everyone to our worldwide “Yoga and Meditation Retreat”. The Yoga and Meditation Retreat is a grand balance of selective practices from different branches of Yoga like Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga etc. Our retreat is both residential and non-residential of different durations. This is a very good opportunity to develop test into Yoga and Meditation and receive benefits at physical, mental as well as emotional.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Amsterdam welcomes everyone to our worldwide “Yoga Teacher Training Course”. The Yoga Teacher Training Course is of different durations such as 200 and 300 hrs recognised by Yoga Alliance USA. We organise both residential and non-residential Yoga Teacher Training Course. We invite requests for our Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Our Team

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