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The workshop covers these following important topics:
  • What is Yoga
  • What is the meaning of the term.
  • The antiquity of Yoga
  • The origin and development of Yoga
  • What are the various branches of Yoga
  • The Importance and aim of Yoga
These above topics are very well discussed. Additionally you have opportunities to ask questions if you have any and you get the right answer. This way you can interact with the speaker very freely.
Afterwards you have 20 minutes Sound Bath with expert teacher for your mental peace and refreshment.
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Yoga Workshop: What is Yoga?

Welcome to the exciting Yoga workshop. We invite interested people to join this nice workshop to understand some important topics on Yoga for diverse and deeper understanding of Yoga. Now a days a lot of people practice Yoga but many of us are not familiar with the essence of Yoga and what it actually conveys. So here is the chance and grab it for good.

Date: 28 November 2021 from 3pm to 5pm

Price: 25 Euro